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It actually started on May 17, and the finish date now is June 17. Before you shift the data date, do you "actualize" the start date of the activity or do you do this AFTER you shift the data date? Hi, I would like to ask the experienced guys in P6 if you "actualize" your dates for those activities that have already started (or completed) and whose start or finish dates are after the data date.For example, let's say your data date is April 30, 2013.Progressing is a critical piece of the project lifecycle and it is critical to evaluating your project’s performance.

This can be very useful when you are involved in a project where the team gives you the date they expect to finish the work instead of the amount of time they need to complete the work.Primavera Support agreement is flexible, scalable and value driven.It offers functional and technical Oracle Primavera assistance, delivered remotely or on-site.The Main Benefits of Expected Finish As a project manager, it will make it easier for you to get the progress information during schedule updates, and possibly reduce the amount of time that you usually spend on that task.Also, one of the positive effects of using Expected Finish dates is that it helps induce a commitment from your team or your contractors regarding the dates they are giving to you on every progress meeting.

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In this interactive video course you will learn about using Percent Complete in P6, the helpful Progress Spotlight tool, how to build a special Layout for Progress Updates and how to progress each of Primavera P6’s different Activity Types.

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