Who is christina aguilera dating in 2016

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Who is christina aguilera dating in 2016

When Gwen came on, I remember telling her at [her son] Zuma’s birthday party, ‘Just do me one favor when you go in.’ I think I was like eight months pregnant and like, ‘Please, give the boys hell.

Break the girl curse.’ And it still hasn’t been done yet, so I know she’s rooting me on, too, to come try and fix that.

Christina had replaced Gwen Stefani as coach this season, but Gwen appeared on The Voice in a new role as Blake's mentor professionally (and girlfriend personally)'' reported Inquisitr. 2010, afterrellen had done a comprehensive story about the singer being a lesbian.

'' Having only just split from Jordan Bratman earlier this week, it's perhaps not so shocking that gossip sites and magazines are grasping at possible reasons it didn't work out between Christina Aguilera and her husband.

As the site revealed, Christina Aguilera has always been a partier, but it’s in “good fun,” and should in no way be taken as a threat to Shelton’s relationship with Stefani.

As for Christina Aguilera’s own relationship, she and Rutler have been engaged since 2014, but have no immediate plans to wed.

We're a little shocked that Blake hasn't yet tweeted about how this Christina feud is an enormous pile of horse shadoobie, but hey.

Last season, Stefani was a coach and ended up in a romantic relationship with fellow coach Blake Shelton. During one of Stefani’s stints on the show, Aguilera appeared on the show briefly alongside her as Stefani’s team mentor. reports that Stefani will join her boyfriend Blake Shelton’s team to help advise his singers.“I want to plan it and cherish the moment, while not feeling rushed.” Christina Aguilera began dating Rutler in late 2010, and became engaged on February 14, 2014.Then, just months later, the couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Summer Rain, who arrived on August 16, 2014 (Christina Aguilera is also mom to 7-year-old Max from her previous relationship with ex-husband Jordan Bratman).She was married to marketing executive Jordan Bratman earlier and their relationship was going good., and already, the party has gotten started in a major way.

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The most recent development: x17 is reporting - from an anonymous source - that the singer had an open marriage so she could sleep with women, and that she is now dating Samantha Ronson'' is what the article said.

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