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This concern emerges from recognition that we are all stakeholders in each other's lives - the well-being of each is intimately bound to the well-being of all; that when the happiness of some is purchased by the unhappiness of others, the stage is set for the misery of all.

Addiction professionals must act in such a way that they would have no embarrassment if their behavior became a matter of public knowledge and would have no difficulty defending their actions before any competent authority.

Please note, these services are not designed to function as hotlines; inquiries are prioritized and answered within 3 business days. The new edition is the first code that speaks to the ethics of using social media with clients. Any counselor who is not sure if she is considered a “covered entity” under HIPAA should immediately access the online decision-making tool available at the website of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

It also presents new or expanded guidelines for preventing the imposition of counselor personal values, distance counseling, confidentiality, dual relationships, multiculturalism and diversity, the use of technology, recordkeeping, diagnosis, end-of life care and the selection of interventions. Resources for the (PDF) The 2014 ACA Code of Ethics is now available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon for .99. All counselors who are covered entities should move quickly to come into compliance or risk very stiff monetary penalties.

NAADAC has established a set of ethical best-practices that apply to universal ethical deliberation.

No commercial use or further distribution is permitted without written permission from NASDTEC.

a public board of education or other public authority legally constituted within a State for either administrative control or direction of, or to perform a service function for, public elementary schools or secondary schools in a city, county, township, school district, or other political subdivision of a State, or for a combination of school districts or counties that is recognized in a State as an administrative agency for its public elementary schools or secondary schools.

To cite the ACA Code of Ethics as a resource for an academic work: American Counseling Association (2014). This version allows practitioners and students quick and searchable access to the Code of Ethics at a moment’s notice. Learn more about how to access it here: The 2014 revision of the ACA Code of Ethics is a game changer that raises the bar for ethical practice. This article was originally published in 1996, this update reflects changes in the 2014 The focus is on three key questions: Is it permissible to deny counseling services to a homosexual client on the basis of a counselor’s values? If you are a member of ACA, you can also access the members-only Risk Management Service page which contains de-identified composites of calls made to the ACA’s Risk Management Helpline, operated by Anne Marie "Nancy" Wheeler, J.

As a service to members, ACA conducted interviews with members of the Ethics Revision Task Force to help flesh out critical new concepts in the code. Can referrals be made at any time a counselor wishes to do so? D., an attorney licensed in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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These activities may be in the form of direct practice, community organizing, supervision, consultation administration, advocacy, social and political action, policy development and implementation, education, and research and evaluation.